German asylum madness: Police asks rejected asylum seeker if he wants to be deported – He didn’t want that and the cops left

One day it will be noted in the history books that the consequences of the political failure in the asylum refugee issue only really became apparent over the years, but by then it was already too late – for Germany.

The asylum madness: In cases where it is known that asylum seekers enter Germany illegally and have already filed an asylum application in another EU member state, the asylum application could be decided quickly and negatively on the basis of §16a of the German Constitution (GG), if it were not for the German bureaucracy, which has been unable to meet the deadline for a deportation according to the Dublin rules for months. The result would then be that impudence would win and with the expiry of the deadline, asylum seekers would be kept in the country of their choice, so to speak, with all their benefits and legal remedies, of course. An Iraqi who is able to say the word asylum entered the Federal Republic of Germany without permission, the person seeking protection had already applied for asylum in another EU country, but apparently he was not in a state of safety (social welfare) so he fled to Germany. And this is where the bizarre story of this asylum seeker begins, combined with a bizarre situation. If the situation were not so capricious, one could laugh out loud: policemen ask the Iraqi if he wants to be deported. reports in detail on the case of the Iraqi:

“On December 11, 2019, police officers appeared at the asylum seeker’s home and asked him whether he wanted to be deported. He truthfully denied this. Thereupon, the police forces deployed left again. No further measures have been taken against the asylum seeker.”

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