WATCH: Child rapist’s head shoved down filthy toilet by inmates

A convicted child rapist due to face sentencing next month was approached by inmates and then whipped with a cable as he begged for mercy. The 21 year old was then forced to take his clothes off in front of a filthy toilet full of excrement. As he was led to the bathroom, they say to him “take his clothes off before I whack you in the head bro”. Another participant says put his head in the toilet as he tries to leave, he is shoved back inside saying that’s too much. You’re violating me now. He was then heard screaming ”oh my days” just prior to forcing his head inside the toilet bowl. He was arrested for imprisoning a girl in a flat in north London and raping her along with two other men who forced her to perform oral sex on them. The Ministry of Justice is looking into the incident. Someone who knows the rapist commented after watching the video saying that they went to school together. The comment was He was a joke of a bloke then and is even worse now. I am glad the every day for him in prison is miserable. The inmate was treated for minor injuries after the incident. It was also stated that HM Prison Pentonville were investigating the assault which occurred on the 9th February.

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