Germany: Afghan refugee very seriously injures two men with a knife

In the night to today’s Saturday, a security employee (46 y/o) and a person coming to his aid (43 y/o) were fatally injured in the downtown area of Cologne by a knife attack. Police provisionally arrested a man (22 y/o) from Afghanistan at the scene of the crime under strong suspicion. A homicide squad started investigations into attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily injury during the night. According to initial findings, a dispute between the security guard and a resident occurred around 2 a.m. in the street Severinstraße at the entrance to a hotel rented by the municipality of Cologne to house refugees. In the course of the argument, the 22-year-old allegedly attacked the doorman with a knife and seriously injured him. Another resident of the hotel (43 y/o) hurried to the aid. The perpetrator also attacked him and inflicted serious injuries with the blade. Paramedics took the two seriously injured to a clinic. The doctors treating him currently describe the 43-year-old’s state of health as stable. The background to the crime is still unclear. Further information on the investigation is not expected before Monday afternoon.

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