Switzerland: Three schoolgirls were sexually assaulted in the street by a gang of asylum seekers – A father coming to their aid is beaten up and threatened with a gun

The young woman smiles, but the tears in her eyes mean something completely different. Her father is trying to calm her down. “It’s terrible what we’ve been through. Everyone should know what happened,” he tells the newspaper BLICK. Four days ago, his daughter was molested and harassed by two Albanians and an Algerian. When he tried to help his daughter, he was beaten and threatened by the three rejected asylum seekers! The attack happened last Friday, just before 8:00 am. Sandra M.* (15 years old) walks after school with two 16-year-old friends to the Lago shopping centre in nearby Konstanz in Germany: Then they wait for the bus in Kreuzlingen in the Swiss canton of Thurgau at Bärenplatz square. It doesn’t take long, when the girls are approached by three men. They are athletic, have short black hair, a full beard and they speak broken English and Italian. “But that first impression changed quickly. The men became pushy and wouldn’t let us leave.”There were almost no passers-by. No one is there to aid the girls. “They tried to separate us so that we could not help each other,” reports the student. “At Migros, they pushed us into a corner. One of them grabbed my bottom. When a friend of mine escaped, a man chased her. I shouted out loud: ‘Stop! “Stop it! When the bus finally passes, a girlfriend of the girls was inside and spotted them. She asks the driver to let her off. She screams out loud: “I’ve seen that guy before today. He has a gun. Run away!” The four of them run away and flee to a bar. Sandra phones her father to pick her up. “On the way home, we passed the train station. My daughter recognized the guys there and we stopped”, tells Peter M.* (59 years old). He gets out of the car and addresses the men. “They immediately became aggressive and attacked me,” says the Kreuzlinger. One pushes Peter M. towards the car. A second kicked him in the stomach, followed by a hard blow to the head. “Then someone pressed a gun to my chin,” he says. The daughter had to watch everything. «I was afraid for my father. I called the police. Then I saw the gun. I screamed into the phone. He has a gun, he has a gun! After that the mobile phone line was dead. “Father and daughter are in shock after the attack. “I only go out of the house when I have to,” says Sandra M. The father also suffers from the attack. “I can’t forget the gun pointed at me.” “Father and daughter are in shock after the attack. “I only go out of the house when I have to,” says Sandra M. The father also suffers from the attack. “I can’t forget the gun pointed at me.” Particularly reprehensible: Even when the police arrive and want to arrest the trio, one of the three men pulls out his gun again. The police must fire a warning shot! Marco Breu, media officer at the Thurgau public prosecutor’s office: «The 25-year-old Albanian threatened the police officer with a pistol from close proximity. In this acute threat situation, the policeman shot towards the man. The man is in custody.  The 29-year-old Albanian has received a penalty order and is now in detention pending deportation. The 19-year-old Algerian was reported for violating the Aliens Act and is back in the asylum center. » blick.ch

*Names changed

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