Germany AfD: Thuringia PM to quit amid fury over far right

A German state premier elected on Wednesday with the help of the far-right AfD has said he will stand down to pave the way for fresh elections. “Resignation is unavoidable,” he said.

The election of Thomas Kemmerich in the eastern state of Thuringia prompted outrage across Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel called the election “unforgivable” and said it must be reversed.

For years Germany’s main parties have shunned the AfD.

Wednesday’s vote is being described as a political earthquake for Germany.

The AfD has broad support in Thuringia. But the state election in October was won by the far-left Die Linke, whose leader Bodo Ramelow was ousted from power.

Mr Kemmerich beat Mr Ramelow by 45 votes to 44. Besides the support of the AfD, Mr Kemmerich also got votes from local MPs in his own FDP and Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrat CDU.

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