Gay man tells Ed Balls he voted for Germany’s far-right AfD because they were the only party to offer help when he and his partner were brutally attacked by ‘Muslim extremists’

A German gay man has explained why he turned to the far-right political party, Alternative for Germany (AfD), after he was brutally attacked by ‘Muslim extremists’.

Karsten, 55, from Bremen, met former shadow secretary Ed Balls for his new documentary series, ‘Travels in Euroland’ which airs on BBC2 tonight at 9pm, and explained that despite the populist party’s anti-same-sex marriage policies, he chose to vote for them in 2017.

The taxi driver had always voted for the country’s left wing green political party, Alliance 90/The Greens, however was swayed after he and his partner Sven were brutally attacked, leaving Karsten with six plates and 17 screws in his head.

He told how the attack, from two men who soon fled to Syria, left him believing his partner was dead, and said the AfD were the only political group to reply to him after he contacted them about the incident. Driving in his car, Karsten explained to the former Labour MP how while he doesn’t take issue with the town’s increasing refugee population, he fears a potential increase in crime against him as a gay man.

‘They attacked me and my partner. We were at the store and they probably knew we were together because two of them lived across the street from us.

‘Then my partner left the store and that’s all he remembers and then they started beating him up and kicking him in the head. ‘I found out and tried to help him, but then there was another one and it was dark outside and there was another one and they hit me with something from the side.’

Karsten went on to explain: ‘I wrote to all the parties, I wrote to our senator. I wrote an email to the AfD and they promised to help us and they invited us to a meeting.’

When asked what they were looking for in the party, he went on: ‘The AfD said they would take care of the borders, try to get criminals out of here as fast as they can trying to get them arrested.

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