A politician of the German Left-wing Party accuses Greta’s Fridays For Future movement of having connections to pedophiles

Are there any connections between the climate movement “Fridays for Future” and the Green Party, between alleged paedophiles in the FFF and a paedophile member of the German Parliament in the Hamburg Social Democratic Party (SPD)? And if so, which ones? Or are the (still) implied serious accusations of the left-wing candidate for parliament, Tom Radtke, only the revenge and fantasies of a disappointed and crazy 18-year-old student? The police are investigating. There is no doubt: by posting his tweets, Radtke has placed a serious problem on the left wing of the Hamburg parliament as well as on the FFF and the Hamburg SPD. Radtke is a founding member of the FFF-Hamburg and knows the subject like no one else.He has accused Greta Thunberg’s movement of having occupied central Hamburg FFF Internet account jobs with members of the Green Party and hinted that he might also reveal something – probably unpleasant – about the German FFF main organizer Luisa Neubauer. His accusation that the FFF Hamburg has “dirty secrets” such as “the paedophiles at FFF Hamburg” and a particular paedophile at the SPD is particularly serious: “The Hamburg member of parliament should watch out, otherwise he will end up like his former colleague Edathy. I know the names of some of his victims,” Radtke tweets.Child pornographic photos were found on the computer of SPD politician Edathy. In contrast to the Islam critic and ex-minister Thilo Sarrazin, who was expelled from the SPD because of his publications critical of migration, the pedophile Edathy may remain a member of the SPD.


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