Indications of gang rape in Bayreuth, Germany – Police investigate Syrian and Iranian suspects

“Four men” from Bayreuth allegedly raped a young woman this weekend. The newspaper Frankenpost reports this in a politically highly correct manner. Meanwhile, the internet portal Bayern-Report informs its readers comprehensively and reveals who the “four men” are who were involved in the alleged gang rape.According to police reports, early Sunday morning a 24-year-old neighbour heard screams from an apartment above a Bayreuth Shishabar. The screams indicated that a young woman was being forced to perform sexual acts against her will. The witness went to the apartment from which the screams came and discovered the 29-year-old resident and three other men as well as the alleged victim, a 22-year-old woman.The witness pulled the young woman out of the apartment despite the rapist’s resistance. The woman claimed to have been raped, according to the newspaper Frankenpost, which further reports that “four men” were arrested after the police arrived. During the investigation and after consulting a forensic doctor, the suspicion of rape was confirmed. “On Monday, an arrest warrant was issued against the 29-year-old accused at the request of the Bayreuth public prosecutor’s office. Three other men”, aged between 21 and 29, are also under investigation on suspicion of participation in the rape. “The internet portal Bayern-Report also reported on the suspected gang rape. However, the news site takes the duty to inform its readers seriously and informs them who the “four men” are:”The police had confirmed a corresponding operation to Bayern-Report in the morning and are investigating “because of a sexual offence”. At the request of the Bayreuth public prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued against the accused Ali A. (29 years old). Against three further men, aged between 21 and 29 years, among them also a German ( what kind of migration background this “German” has, the report conceals, Ed. ) a Syrian and an Iranian, the criminal investigation department and the public prosecutor’s office Bayreuth are also investigating “on suspicion of participating in the rape”.Ali A. is said to have lived in Bayreuth since 2014, where he runs a Shishabar.

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