Former Social Democratic minister warns: “The German Social Democratic Party is controlled by radical Muslims”

“The current Social Democratic Party (SPD) leadership is apparently partly under the control of fundamentalist Muslims,” says former Finance Senator and author Thilo Sarrazin. This group within the SPD, which wants to get rid of Sarrazin, seems to want to prevent a critical discussion about Islam in Germany.The SPD is trying to expell its member – former Berlin Finance Senator and successful author Thilo Sarrazin – from the political party by all means. 
On Thursday, the SPD state arbitration commission decided to allow Sarrazin to be expelled from the party on the grounds that he had acted in a manner that was damaging to the party. In particular, his book “Hostile Takeover: How Islam hinders progress and threatens society”, published in 2018, does not fit the comrades in. Sarrazin reveals to the magazine Tichy’s Einblick an equally plausible and frightening reason for the attempts of his party to get rid of him: The Social Democratic Party (SPD) would never have come up with the idea of expelling someone from the party in the 70s, 80s, 90s or even early 2000s because of a book that was critical of religion. “On the contrary,” Sarrazin emphasizes, referring to the saying of the left-wing pioneer Karl Marx, “Religion is opium for the people”, the SPD was a party critical of religion because of its Marxist roots. “I would certainly not have been expelled from the SPD if I had written a critical book not about Islam but about the Catholic Church,” the book author continues, noting that “quite different things are going on here: The current SPD leadership is obviously partly in the hands of fundamentally oriented Muslims who want to prevent a critical discussion of Islam in Germany on principle”.

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