Germany: A model migrant from Syria slaughters alleged rival

A “well socially integrated” Syrian, engaged in politics and the fire brigade, climbs through a window at night and massacres an Iraqi hairdresser with a long Salafist beard with a knife. Jealousy is suspected as a motive. Because the wife of the alleged murderer did not want to integrate herself socially.Did she end up having an affair with the sinister-looking man with the long beard? Now Almahdi A. is in remand because of what the Bild newspaper calls “the gruesome, mysterious bloody deed in Ibbenbüren”. After the insidious murder, Almahdi is said to have set fires to cover his traces. On a Sunday morning, the Syrian from Tecklenburg allegedly attacked and stabbed the 31-year-old Iraqi hairdresser Shahram K. while the latter was sleeping. Why his wife Tarsche (36 years old), ten years older than him, separated from Almahdi and turned to the more mature barber with the large beard,the newspaper Bild has a possible explanation:”Almahdi A. was considered a poster child for refugees. He came to Germany three years ago with his wife Tarsche (36 years old) and daughter (6 years old), learned the German language quickly, trained as a salesman, got involved in politics and the fire brigade.”He was eager to integrate into the community and did everything possible to do so,” explains an acquaintance of the Bild newspaper. At the same time, a neighbour confirms that the woman did not want to go along with him. She allegedly didn’t want to work or attend German language courses. Almahdi obviously could not understand this. It came to an argument. The couple is said to have separated in autumn 2019. At some point he moved into his own small apartment near his wife and daughter. Two weeks ago, the couple is said to have moved in together again because of the daughter and for financial reasons. A little later the bloody deed happened. Witnesses had seen Almahdi arguing with his alleged rival. According to the prosecutor, the accused remains silent about the crime and motive.

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