WATCH: Arab clans get into a mass brawl in a German courtroom

A criminal trial in Essen ended on Friday with a mass brawl in the courtroom. The police and judiciary had been forewarned, because the trial was about violent crimes committed by young Arab men whose families are fighting a feud – unfortunately not on the Arabian peninsula, where they belong, but in the Ruhr area. After the court had given the judgements, the crowd beat each other up. Even a massive police presence in the courtroom did not stop them from expressing their contempt for the German constitutional state, which they perceived as weak.Nadine Becker, a court reporter from the channel RTL, who was present, is stunned: “I have been a reporter for a long time, but I have never seen what I witnessed during this trial. Rioting and shouting, no sign of respect for the German legal system.”Will one of the rioters be deported? Of course not! Will the family clans involved be encouraged to leave our country as a whole? This is not even possible in Merkel-Germany! The criminal proceedings were related to violent crimes. The defendants, aged 16 to 21 years, were sentenced to juvenile prison and will go to prison for one to three years. They had lured an Arab from an enemy family to a schoolyard, ambushed him there and brutally beat him up. During this they recorded a mobile phone video, which had a large number of viewers on Youtube.Nothing special in this country, of which every year around 100,000 natives get so fed up that they emigrate.

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