Germany: Left-wing idiots riot at a panel discussion of female critics of the Islamic headscarf

With the arrival of the policemen, quietness returns. The protesters are now just holding up their posters in silence, some are discussing quietly.Only a few minutes earlier, people were fighting. Moderator Fatma Keser had expected that the panel discussion entitled “The veil: fashion accessory, a religious symbol or political instrument” would not run smoothly. However, she did not expect such an outcry. Members of the group “Students against right-wing incitement” interfered with the guests in the student house of the Goethe University Frankfurt on Thursday evening. Even before the discussion participants can even get into the topic, a young woman stands up, holds a poster in the air, reads out a statement loudly. Other young men and women follow her example. Loud babble of voices makes a discussion impossible. Bewildered glances among those who came to discuss with the panelists, among them author Naïla Chikhi and Ingrid König, former school principal in Frankfurt’s Griesheim district. But that is hardly possible this evening. The members of the group “Students against right-wing incitement” unroll banners, hold up posters. On them are slogans that are supposed to remind of right-wing violence and racist incidents in the past.”The problem is called racism, not headscarf”, is written on the flyer the group distributes. The group of people on the discussion group showed that the headscarf discussion was being held without consulting the women wearing headscarves, the letter continued. Furthermore, the ban on the headscarf only promotes the already existing institutional discrimination of Muslim women in Germany.The situation is escalating when the group does not want to leave the room despite repeated requests. Fights, a table is knocked over. Only one remains calm. It is Naïla Chikhi. She doesn’t want to be intimidated, she says, won’t stop speaking her mind. In her opinion, the headscarf is “the flag of Islamism “, a symbol of the “enslavement of women”. She will defend her position even against resistance, Chikhi continued. “I will carry on all my life.”She insists on continuing the panel discussion, organized by members of the group “Terre des femmes”, the General Student Committee of the Goethe University and the Migrant Women for Secularity and Self-Determination, despite the incident. “I’m staying here. Until midnight if necessary. Otherwise they’ll feel they’ve won. She deliberately seeks dialogue with the troublemakers, does not shy away from discussion, agrees with them when it comes to condemning racist attacks.  “Why did you not wait to protest? We could have had a serious discussion at the end”, she asks a young woman who is still holding a sign in the air. She does not get any response.

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