South Tyrol: Muslim brutally kills his girlfriend — His father claims: “She was not worthy of him”

Photo: Marianne Obrist

The Higher Regional Court has confirmed the first-instance verdict against Rabih Badr. The Moroccan, who is held responsible for the brutal murder of his girlfriend Marianne Obrist, is to be imprisoned for 30 years.The cruelty of the crime was decisive for the court’s decision, reports the broadcaster Rai Südtirol. The 39-year-old Marianne Obrist died violently in August 2017 in her apartment in Milland near Brixen.According to Judge Michaeler, her partner at the time had beaten her first with a stick, then with a baseball bat ” like a stray dog”. Badr is said to have stabbed the 39-year-old woman with a knife finally. The 34-year-old’s lawyers had announced an appeal against the prison sentence. According to Michaeler, the motive was not jealousy, but the complete control Badr wanted to exercise over Marianne Obrist.Although there are no indications of relations with other men, Rabih Badr’s father continues to denounce the alleged adultery of Marianne Obrist and protects his son. “This is his fault, he must be punished. But the punishment must not be excessive”, he demands in an interview with broadcaster Rai.”There was a problem between him and Marianne, namely the problem of adultery. She was not faithful to him, he dedicated his whole life to her, but Marianne was not worthy of him”.

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