WATCH: Arabs beating up a transsexual in Berlin – These are the backgrounds

Imad Karim, who can certainly be considered one of the most respected experts on the Arab world and the most honest and courageous Islam critic in Germany, has drawn our attention to the following background information:The man in women’s clothes from Nollendorf square in Berlin could be either a Lebanese, Syrian or Palestinian. In any case he speaks Arabic. Months ago a video became known (below)  in which a Syrian and other Arabs attacked an Arab man in women’s clothes and he, just like the man here on the Nollendorf square, defended himself verbally and physically against the violence. 

It could even be the same man.Imad Karim continues: “I watched the video again at the editing table in my office. I am almost certain that this is the same person who was attacked in the Berlin subway months ago by her own compatriots (Arabs) for her sexual orientation. The hair is now blond, but voice and stature show great similarities: I’m now certain that he is Syrian and he says to the woman in the headscarf:

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. You should be ashamed and put down your hijab. I’m not halal? No, I am the peak (god) of purity.”

This suggests that the woman had previously insulted him, and in Arabic language. This does NOT in any way justify his physical assault, but it helps to evaluate backgrounds objectively, not to be emotional and simply to demonize it. Whoever knows the everyday life of a homosexual or transsexual person in the Islamic world knows what these people have to endure. And now all this has been brought over here to the once liberal and broad-minded Germany.

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