Germany: An Albanian man provokes local residents on Christmas Eve

It was on Christmas Eve when residents on Alstadener Street in Oberhausen, shortly after midnight, were torn from sleep by loud honking and disturbed during their sleep. Two residents then approached the 28-year-old Opel car driver and asked for silence. As a reaction, the driver, a man from Albania, honked again and then raced off with a cavalier start. Due to the strong acceleration, the Opel crashed into the oncoming lane, where an oncoming driver had to brake hard to avoid a collision.After a few minutes, the Albanian returned on foot and bothered the local residents, who had meanwhile called the police. The man screamed loudly and insulted the residents continuously. The police took the man, who clearly smelled of alcohol, to the police station where a blood sample was taken. They seized his driver’s license and forbade him to further drive in the Opel, which they found parked only one street away with the engine still operating.

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