Germany: African drug dealers threaten residents of a senior citizens’ centre

Residents of the senior citizens’ centre on the banks of the river Ihme in Hanover complain about threats and harassment by drug dealers on their doorstep. According to the newspaper HAZ, one of the residents was called a “shit woman” and pelted with stones. She hardly dares to go out with her dog, she is quoted in the newspaper. Once one of these men passed by and whispered in her ear: “I’ll kill you, you’re dead.” Calls to the police and letters to the municipality and the German parliament have not been of any use so far. The police are coming, but the drug dealers will be back soon. Meanwhile, there is a list of signatures signed by forty residents.Two years ago, the Internet portal already made an inquiry to the police about the violence of the dealer scene there on the banks of the river Ihme. Not much seems to have changed since then. Here the response of the police at that time: 

In recent years there has been an increase in the trade in narcotics in the area of Faustwiese and Glocksee.
The Hanover Police have these areas in particular focus.
We have already carried out checks and special operations there in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Since January 1, 2016, almost 60 investigations have been initiated at both of the above-mentioned locations due to trafficking in narcotics.The suspects/defendants in these investigations are of different origins.Most of them come from 13 African countries, the others include German and Turkish nationals.With regard to residence status, almost half of the suspects/defendants of the Btm trade are asylum seekers. Furthermore, German nationals and persons with other residence status, such as toleration, are also among the suspects/defendants. ( Statement of the police from February 14th, 2017).

Two years ago there was no talk of harassment and threats against passers-by and residents. Apparently, things have gotten worse since then.

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