Switzerland: Masked leftists storm the service of a female pastor critical of Islam on Christmas Eve

Church in Kleinhüningen (Screenshot: Google Street View)

On Christmas Eve, hooded activists disrupted the service in the Kleinhüningen church. According to the media release of the Protestant Reformed Church in Basel-Stadt on Wednesday, the activists unrolled a banner with the slogan “Peace instead of incitement”. They would then have also incited against the female pastor Christine Dietrich. “The reaction of the church service visitors to the action was a mixture of horror and fear,” explained Christine Dietrich. The sexton and a few churchgoers then showed the activists out. As the media release further states, the church is now considering criminal charges. The President of the Church Council, Pastor Dr. Lukas Kundert, condemns the disruption of the service.”It is a scorn that the activists call for peace and stand up against incitement, but disrupt even a peaceful Christmas night service and incite against the pastor”, the President of the Church Council remarks. Until 2011, the pastor Christine Dietrich has published articles on a right-wing national blog in Germany. In Berne, she was reprimanded for this activity by her then appointing authority and subsequently withdrew from the blog. In autumn 2019, she was elected to the church council of the Basel City Evangelical Reformed Church, although many members criticised this.


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