The Vice Mayor of Linz warns against the Islamization of kindergartens in Linz, Austria

The deputy mayor of Linz, Markus Hein of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), has now criticised an at least questionable selection of personnel by the Linz municipal council. Hein reports on his web page:

Of 74 educational assistants who applied for a job with the municipality of Linz, 46 persons seem to have a migration background. Research by the Freedom Party (FPÖ) in Linz revealed that some of these migrant educational assistants allegedly follow dangerous Facebook groups and content. The Facebook pages of some of these people remind us of playgrounds for radical Islamic groups. Pages such as “Turkey Info”, “Islamic Facts”, “AKP Fans” and a Turkish-speaking group with the logo of a Grey Wolf were likened by applicants. Applicants also liked a Facebook page, which asked in Arabic and German: “Come to Germany”. The shocking thing about it is that these educational assistants with a presumably questionable understanding of democracy not only applied for jobs at kindergartens in the municipality of Linz, but even successfully cleared the first hurdle in the application process. This circumstance shows the Linz City Council’s personnel selection in a poor light.In the private sector, applicants are usually screened for their activities on the Internet. This is apparently not the practice in the magistrate’s office. We, the Freedom Party, will therefore also support the screening of applicants to the City Council in social media.For the Freedom Party of Linz and me as vice mayor a red line was crossed. Islamists and Erdogan fans must not be given a stage in our kindergartens for their supposedly anti-democratic attitude! We Freedom Party members therefore demand the implementation of a ban on headscarves in childcare facilities.The matter becomes even more explosive due to the voting behaviour of the Red and Green parties in the municipal council. The Freedom Party had recently made a motion for a commitment to the upholding of Austrian traditions and festivals in kindergartens. However, this motion was rejected, with the Reds and Greens voting against it, among others.For us Freedom Party members, this, in conjunction with the employment of presumably Islamist childcare workers, opens the back door to the creeping Islamisation of childcare facilities.

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