Austria: A pupil from Pakistan brought firearm to his class

The conditions in our classrooms seem to get worse and worse: During school lessons, a 13-year-old pupil from Pakistan dropped a firearm out of his schoolbag at the NMS 2 school in Ried in the Inn district.It was a “soft gun pistol”. It was Tuesday morning, during English lessons, when the student’s schoolbag fell over and the alleged firearm came to light. The two teachers, who were teaching together, informed the headmistress. The police have been called.The 23 pupils were taken to a neighbouring class, and then the headmistress confronted the 13-year-old, who has been constantly causing problems for two years, and talked to him. The boy from Pakistan denied, however, that the gun belonged to him and even claimed that a classmate had put it there. The father had to pick up his child, who is not allowed to go back to school for the time being. A care teacher took care of his classmates.

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