Syrian known to the police threatens family father and his children as well as the employees of a hospital with a knife – After being chased across town by the police, he was arrested

Yesterday evening, a man threatened several people with a knife and then robbed a car in Krefeld. Police arrested the allegedly mentally ill man after a short escape. Around 06:30 p.m. the man threatened several employees of a hospital on the street Dießemer Bruch with a knife. Since he was in a closed section of the hospital, he used the knife to escape. He went to the parking lot of a nearby hospital and forced a man to hand over the car while the knife was in front of him as he was fastening the seat belts to his children. He quickly pulled the two children out of the vehicle and handed it over to the obviously confused man. The latter broke through the closed barrier of the parking lot and fled at high speed towards Gath. Meanwhile, police patrol cars had arrived and chased him. When he stopped, the police officers overpowered him. They used pepper spray. The man is a 23-year-old Syrian who lives in Krefeld. He is already known to the police and is now back in hospital. The police and public prosecutor’s office have begun investigations into the background to this incident.

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