The Commentary: The Murder of Augsburg and Merkel’s Failure


Mrs. Merkel, 

what else can one say? A few weeks before the silent night, it has become a fatal fact in Augsburg that a 49-year-old German firefighter can no longer spend Christmas with his loved ones. And again a person dies in your country, is taken from his family, robbed of his future, becomes a victim of so-called environmental violence. This time a fireman, a man who risked his life to serve his fellow citizens, an idealist, a knight in shining armour.In the presence of his wife, he was beaten to death in the bloodlust of perpetrators known to the police. The news of his death is spreading through the media and social networks, hundreds of thousands of people are touched by his fate and have every right to ask why this innocent man died? Because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, is the rather simple answer. Because in December 2019, on his way home from a Christmas market, he walked freely on German streets, felt safe in the streets of your country. According to initial findings, it was a “chance encounter” between the victim and his murderers. Coincidence, Mrs. Merkel, no longer happens in view of the recurring individual cases. How far has your own Germany degenerated in the meantime to the point that as a righteous person one is no longer safe on the streets of your cities? And the perpetrators’ motive? Quite simple: violence, brutality, lack of empathy, cruelty. Perhaps a public prosecutor or an expert of your judicial system will be available who might find verbose a psychological disorder of the perpetrators already known to the police, in order not to have to admit the manifold problems of your immigration and security policy. And what do you do, Mrs. Merkel? You are keeping quiet! And what do you do, Mrs. Merkel? You are keeping quiet! When your minister (Altmaier, Ed.) Humpty Dumpty fell over the stairs, your recovery wishes were sooner in the hospital than the injured patient himself. When one of your fellow countrymen is one of the hundreds of dead in your catastrophic social and security policy, you keep quiet. In lack of empathy and sympathy, you are probably closer to the perpetrators in your stubbornness than you think. You not only fail politically, but also humanly.

Merry Christmas 2019!

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