Austria: Muslim states at police checkpoint “I’m not talking to women they have no rights.”

On December 1, 2019 around 6 p.m. police officers noticed a car in Neuhofen which was parked in front of a bank with a running engine on the sidewalk directly in front of a zebra crossing. They checked the vehicle and also the driver returning from the bank to his car – a 22-year-old Kosovar from the Linz Land district. The latter was not willing to participate in the proceedings. After he was instructed after the urge to take the breathalyzer test that he was no longer allowed to smoke, he lit a cigarette and refused the breathalyzer test. He underlined this by saying that he would not talk to a woman anyway, as she would have no rights. The officers asked him to hand over the car keys. However, he did not comply, but got into his car and drove a few meters forward. He then got out again and started yelling at the officers. He announced that friends of his were already on their way to the scene. On the basis of these statements, the officers requested further patrols for assistance.These were used to block the 22-year-old’s car in such a way that he was prevented from leaving. Then the man calmed down. He is brought to justice.

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