A touch of London Bridge: North African fare dodger pulls a knife and threatens a railway employee – Courageous travellers overwhelm the Algerian

Last Saturday evening, a ticket inspection in an intercity express (ICE) between Essen and Bochum escalated. A fare evader pulled a knife and threatened a railway employee. Courageous travellers overpowered and disarmed the suspect. Federal police arrested the man at Bochum Central Station. The ICE 626 was on its way to Dortmund around 6 pm. On the train, a 43-year-old railway employee wanted to check the ticket of a 41-year-old Algerian citizen. According to witnesses, the 41-year-old was not in possession of one. In addition, the man, who lives in Hanover, became more and more aggressive in the course of the conversation. When the man was asked to identify himself in order to pay a fine, the Algerian is said to have pulled out a pocket knife and pulled out the blade. Thereupon the railway employee had to flee. Courageous travellers overpowered and disarmed the suspect. When the train stopped at Bochum Central Station, the suspect fled the train. Federal police arrested the fugitive on the stairs to the pedestrian tunnel. A breath alcohol test on the 41-year-old showed that he was drunk to a not inconsiderable 1.9 per mille. After consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, the latter ordered a blood sample to be taken from the suspect. To prevent further crimes, he was later taken into police custody. The Federal Police started criminal proceedings against the man who was known to the police for fare evasion, attempted assault and threats. 


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