Germany: Iranian man known to the police tries to run over his ex with a Mercedes car – woman managed to save herself by jumping into an embankment – judiciary has no grounds for detention against him

Last Tuesday evening at about 11 p.m., a man was speeding his car towards a woman in the street Reichsmarkstraße area in Dortmund. The 40-year-old woman managed to save herself by jumping into an embankment and thus remained unhurt. The driver then fled in an older Mercedes car in an unknown direction. Investigations led the police to a 39-year-old Iranian suspect living in Dortmund. There is a former partnership between him and the woman.The night before yesterday the suspect, who was deemed violent and dangerous, was arrested by special police forces in Dortmund’s Nordstadt district. He was injured during his arrest, against which he offered considerable resistance. The 39-year-old was brought before a magistrate today ( November, 28). The public prosecutor’s office in Dortmund demanded an arrest warrant for him. The Dortmund District Court did not order an arrest warrant due to a lack of grounds for detention. Police investigations against the man are ongoing. For the further investigation the Dortmund police are looking for witnesses! Please inform the police station by calling 0231-132-7441.

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