Germany: An Arab attacked two young women with a gun

Early yesterday, Thursday morning, around 6 am, an armed man attacked two women at the junction of  the streets Wörthstrasse and Markgrafenstrasse in Essen. Although the two women had noticed the Arab man before, they were surprised when he suddenly ran towards them, physically attacked them and threatened them with a gun. He violently prevented an emergency call by knocking the victim’s cell phone out of her hand.When the women loudly called for the police, the man fled. The unknown attacker is of Arab descent, about 30 years old, slim and about 170 cm tall. He has black hair and a short beard. At the time of the crime he was dressed in dark jeans, a petrol coloured jacket and a beige cap. The scene of the crime, which is located directly on the noise barrier of the A40 motorway, can only be seen to a limited extent. Residents who may have made any observations in connection with the attack are asked to report to the Essen police by calling 0201-8290 as soon as possible.

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