Austria: Afghan stabs five-time mother to death

The series of murders of wives doesn’t end. Recently it was even published by the Ministry of the Interior that 50 percent of the perpetrators, also known as “honour killers”, are aliens, many others have a migration background.In the Vienna district of Favoriten, a five-time mother had to die. What she so infuriated her 60-year-old Afghan husband with has not yet been clarified. In many cases it is the wish of the women to part with their violent partners. In some cultures this is a condemnation to death that cannot be averted by integration training. On Wednesday evening, shortly after 6 p.m., a family dispute escalated. In the street Katharinengasse in Vienna’s Favoriten multicultural district, a 60-year-old Afghan stabbed his 50-year-old wife so often that she died of her injuries. Four of the woman’s five children had to witness the crime.A daughter is said to have cryingly alarmed the neighbours, who immediately called the police. While the Ministry of the Interior has admitted that 50 percent of the murderers of women in Austria are foreigners, they still persistently refuse to recognize the cultural backgrounds as possible motives for their actions. People prefer to believe psychological lectures on difficult separation situations. Mainstream media also raised the intellectually simple question of whether the weapons law should be tightened due to the many knife murders.Because the weapons of crime are mostly kitchen knives ready to hand, are cooks in Austria supposed to mash their dishes with a fork in the future? The newspaper Österreich also reports that according to the Ministry of the Interior there will be more mandatory anti-aggression training courses in the future. The heinous double murder of Wullowitz in Upper Austria was carried out by an Afghan who had undergone such anti-aggression training. It has not yet been scientifically proven that these training courses have a greater benefit than the transfer of taxpayers’ money to NGOs.

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