Germany: Iraqi stalks and harasses young woman, follows her into the police station

Last Thursday, police officers at Hanover main station took an Iraqi (27 years old) into custody. The migrant harassed a woman, stalked her and threatened her. The Iraqi lurked in front of the 21-year-old woman’s house in Lehrte and persecuted her to the train station. There he boarded the same train to Hanover and sat next to her. Then he threatened the woman with death in Kurdish if she filed a further complaint against him. Completely excited and frightened, the young woman went straight to the office of the Federal Police in Hanover. But the horny Iraqi, also followed her there, and it turned out that the 21-year-old had been stalked by the man for two years. In this respect, he has already been sentenced to a fine. A new trial against him will take place in December. According to reports, the man belongs to an extended family known to the police from Lehrte. The officers took the Iraqi man into custody for the protection of the woman and initiated further charges because of threat and persecution.

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