Social benefit fraud in Tyrol: “83 percent of perpetrators have a migration background

The Tyrolean executive’s most recent report on social benefit fraud proves, for Freedom Party chairman and state parliament representative Magister Markus Abwerzger that “probably even a higher number of people receive social benefits illegally, so the number of unreported cases might be quite a high figure. “He is concerned that in 2/3 of the cases the perpetrators were aliens. “83 per cent of the persons who illegally received social benefits have a migration background”.The Freedom Party party chairman therefore calls on the Ministry of the Interior and the police to increase the number of staff. “Social fraud is the worst of all, there must be no tolerance here, regardless of whether the perpetrators are Austrian citizens or not, there are no isolated cases,but it is deliberate fraud”, said the Freedom Party leader.He also repeatedly demands actions from the state government: “It probably needs its own departments, which only have the task of controlling the recipients of social benefits”. Abwerzger refers to the importance of cooperation with other offices and institutions: “Close cooperation is also needed with the employment offices and the Social Ministry Service Regional Office in Tyrol”. Tyrol’s Freedom Party party chairman also adds that the costs for the additional offices will pay off: “The fact is that social fraud causes millions of Euros of damage to the state and thus to taxpayers.

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