Austria: “Honour murder” by an Afghan – 37 stab wounds and throat cut

A 32-year-old man, who probably killed his friend in this summer with 37 stab wounds out of jealousy, was unanimously found guilty of murder by a jury in the Leoben Regional Court on Monday afternoon. The Afghan was sentenced to life imprisonment. He asked for three days to consider the verdict. The verdict is therefore not yet final. Before that, prosecutor Viktoria Steinecker had pleaded for the conviction in her plea: she considered the evidence and the interrogation of the accused to justify her accusation: “It was an honor killing, not a manslaughter.” The 32-year-old had exaggerated with his descriptions of his alleged drug use on the day of the crime: “He wanted to fool us and tell us a fairy tale.” The convicted man is said to have killed his friend in June with 37 stab wounds and a throat cut. The accused disputed the intention to kill and told the court that he had defended himself. However, the prosecution considered a “coldly planned murder” out of jealousy.

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