Germany: Syrian terrorist suspect was working in German elementary school

On Tuesday, a special unit arrested Abdullah H., a suspected terrorist in the Berlin district of Schöneberg. The man had informed himself on the Internet about the construction of bombs. He is said to have already procured the first necessary materials. His chat messages indicate that he wanted to murder as many people as possible. Explosive: The refugee from Syria worked in a primary school as well. It is currently still unclear where the 26-year-old man wanted to attack. Whether the man had been known to the police before was not revealed. He came to Germany in 2014, was recognised as a refugee and was married. It is certain that he wanted to commit terrorist attacks in Germany. For this purpose he had chat messages with other Islamists. All those involved should have a close connection to the terrorist organisation Islamic State. Special investigators had already been observing the man for three months. The hint that Abdullah H. was dangerous came from a friendly secret service abroad.When the opportunity was good, the police stormed the suspect’s apartment. Further information is to be obtained from the confiscated documents and computers. In their online chats, the Islamists talked about plastic explosives, parcel and magnetic bombs, door traps with explosives, assault rifles and submachine guns, according to the findings of the German magazine Focus. The police report that Abdullah H. was a considerable threat. For weeks it had been hoped that the arrest could take place in time before an attack. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the man was employed as a cleaner in a primary school.

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