Germany: Dark skinned guy steals two right shoes and wants to exchange one later for a left shoe

A hitherto unknown and obviously drunk shoplifter in Kassel behaved brazenly on Friday afternoon. After the unknown man had stolen two right shoes from a shop shelf and fled, he returned to the shop shortly afterwards and, to the surprise of the employees, wanted to exchange one of the stolen right shoes for a left one. Last but not least, the perpetrator, fleeing from the employees, even grabbed a backpack and fled outside. The police officers in charge of further investigations, the Operational Unit of the Kassel Police, are now looking for witnesses who can give clues to the cheeky shoplifter.The employees of the shoe shop on Leipziger Street had called the police on Friday around 7:45 p.m. when the offender had taken flight with the backpack. The immediately initiated search by police officers at the East Police Station was unsuccessful. According to a report by the police patrol, the unknown man allegedly stole the two right shoes at 6 p.m. according to the employees. All the more astonishing for them that the same man returned around 7:30 p.m. and wanted to exchange one of the two right shoes for a left one, while the other right shoe had already been worn by him.After the employees had taken the shoes off the brazen thief, who is said to have been visibly drunk, the thief took flight at a favourable moment and grabbed the backpack worth 30 euros. For unknown reasons, he left a men’s perfume in its original packaging in the shoe shop, although it is extremely questionable whether he had acquired it legally due to previous events. The investigation is ongoing.The perpetrator is said to have been a man about 1.80 metres tall with dark skin, dark black hair and a laceration at his right eye, dressed in a black cap, a black leather jacket, dark jeans and dark shoes. Witnesses who can tell the investigators of the Operational Unit who the perpetrator is, please contact the Kassel police by calling 0561 – 9100.

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