Germany: Algerian asylum seeker throws manhole covers at car and attacks witnesses

A 28-year-old man rioted in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the street Theodor-Groz-Straße. The accused removed a manhole cover and threw it against a parked car. Two passers-by became aware of the 28-year-old man and followed him to the train station. There he unfastened his trouser belt and struck with the belt towards the witnesses.Finally, the man is said to have thrown several stones in the direction of the two passers-by. But they were not hit. At the station, a patrol of the police station managed to arrest the 28-year-old. The officers had been kept up to date by the courageous witnesses via mobile phone. During the body search of his person, 0.3 g of marijuana were found in the 28-year-old’s wallet. It also turned out that the man was in Albstadt without permission. The Algerian citizen is only allowed to stay in the district of Sigmaringen. The defendant is now under criminal investigation.

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