Germany: Moslem woman felt insulted – Saint Martin is not allowed to perform any more

Pic: Screenshot youtube

A representative of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) called the statement of the player of Saint Martin “completely out of place”. In the presence of a Muslim, he had remarked that it was a Christian celebration.She felt offended by it. Now various German public bodies are outbidding each other in a series of distancing, apologies and gestures of submission. A three-ring circus about a statement whose truth no one has doubted for many centuries.It’s a worrying direction the German mainstream is drifting in. The following is said to have happened in Niederkassel, North Rhine-Westphalia. The man who led the procession of Saint Martin of the Rheidter-Werth-School had said in the issue of the “Weckmänner”, a yeast pastry, that Saint Martin is a Christian festival.A Muslim woman who was nearby with her children felt disturbed by this statement. She demanded that the headmaster and the district police distance themselves from this statement. After these people refused to comment, she started a so-called “Shitstorm” in social media. She claimed that the man had made this statement with an aggressive, hateful voice.The German public submitted to the Moslem woman’s demand. One apology after the other, many apologies were given. The man whose crime it was to say that a Christian celebration was a Christian celebration was no longer allowed to take part in Saint Martin’s procession in the future. The city and several associations declared that such a terrible incident should not happen again.The Muslim woman was pleased: “There was a public apology and Saint Martin will never sit on the horse again in Rheidt.”Every year the demands of the Muslim minorities become louder, who demand the renaming or abolition of the Saint Martin celebrations. Every year another part of the culture and tradition of this country dies. The attacks on Saint Martin are accompanied by disinformation campaigns of the left-wing media, which want to degrade the next holy festival of Christians. Because also the holy Santa Claus (3.-4. century) would have been a Turk ( founded in 1923).

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