Germany: After the rape of a 14-year-old girl by Muslims, the Lord Mayor of Ulm has to apologize for his Sharia-compliant remarks

After the presumed rape of a 14-year-old girl, the Lord Mayor of Ulm, Gunter Czisch (Christian Democrats, CDU), has issued a statement that has provoked fierce criticism. On Thursday, the 56-year-old told the newspaper “Südwest Presse” how horrified he was. Ulm is a safe city, “but there is no absolute security”. The local politician thanked the police for their quick reaction. The constitutional state must now “show strength. No matter which state someone comes from”.But Czisch did not leave it at that in his first statement. Sentences followed, which after their publication caused massive criticism, among others in the social networks.”I wonder, though, what a 14-year-old girl is doing at night in Ulm. Parents have a duty to make sure that a minor girl doesn’t walk around the city alone. I say this so plainly because if we want to prevent such cases, we all have to take responsibility”, the Lord Mayor of Ulm continued.After the criticism of these statements, Czisch made a second statement in the late afternoon, according to newspaper Südwest Presse, in which he apologized and backed down.He deeply regretted that his initial statement was “misleading. “Of course, the girl is not to blame. The blame for this crime lies exclusively and unequivocally with the suspects.” He expressed his sympathy for the victim and his family.An employee of the Ulm city administration told the newspaper WELT in the evening that it was of course not Czisch’s intention to give the girl or her parents even part of the blame for the crime. Nevertheless, the basic statement “The world is as it is” remained – nobody could guarantee 100 percent security. “We must take care of each other.” And women, children and adolescents are particularly in need of protection.

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