Deported serial offender Ibrahim Miri back in Bremen, Germany – He has now applied for asylum

A few months after being deported to Lebanon, Ibrahim Miri, a leading member of the Bremen Miri clan, is back in the Hanseatic city. This confirmed the Bremen Interior Authority. “There is a ban on entry and residence, so it was obviously illegal to enter Germany, and criminal investigations have been initiated,” said spokeswoman Karen Stroink. According to information from the weekly SPIEGEL, the Bremen district court has now ordered deportation detention until December 2 against Miri. Miri had arrived a few days ago, his lawyer Albert Timmer told the regional magazine “buten un binnen”, which had first reported on the return. He had requested asylum for his client in writing, said the lawyer. Miri had returned to Bremen because he had been threatened with death in Lebanon.According to SPIEGEL information, Miri had been provisionally arrested for illegal entry into the Federal territory.Before his deportation in July, Miri had been subject to a seven-year ban on entry, according to a decision by the Bremen interior authority, which is received by SPIEGEL magazine. 
According to the report by “buten un binnen”, Miri, as his attorney said, “because of his entry without a required visa and passport” self-reported. Furthermore, he filed a complaint against the Interior Authority with the Bremen Administrative Court, as the deportation was unlawful.
Miri is suspect in around 150 crimes. He was convicted several times in Germany for drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping. According to police evidence, he was president of the banned rocker group Mongol MC. He was sentenced to six years in prison. Germany had unsuccessfully tried to expel him for more than two decades.

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