Germany: The man who hacked his wife to pieces with an axe in the street has a Tunisian Muslim migration background

Hard-boiled policemen and firefighters who have seen a lot of horrible things are horrified. Rescue workers are terrified. The people in the neighbourhood were shocked and sad a little later. This bloody crime is particularly cruel in its course and its brutality. Behind a demolished car that has crushed a house wall there is a woman lying with her skull smashed to pieces.At eight o’clock in the morning, a 34-year-old man is looking for his wife in the street Weiersteinstraße, about 300 metres from the railway station. He is sitting in his black Audi car. At 8:25 a.m. he discovers her on the sidewalk. The man accelerates and drives his car straight to the 31-year-old. The car drags the victim another 30 metres: Across the street, then across the parking lot of the district craftsmen’s guild through a heavy metal gate that had just happened to be open, and finally crashes with great force into a listed brick building.What happens thereafter in Limburg is consternating: The perpetrator gets out of the smoking car and gets – apparently calm – an axe from the trunk. He grabs the tool with both hands and hits the head of the defenceless five times with full force. The unbelievable scenes filmed by eyewitnesses can be seen minutes later on social networks. The autopsy must clarify whether the woman was still alive before the attack with the axe.
A police patrol, on another task nearby, is quickly on the scene. The officers take out their weapons, the man is arrested without resistance.In fact, according to the newspaper FNP, the spouses involved in this case have been separated for some time. He lived in the former joint apartment near Mendig in Rhineland-Palatinate, about 70 kilometers from Limburg, she with her two children in the Limburg women’s shelter. The man with Tunisian ancestors was born and raised in Germany, the Tunisian woman was a teacher.The Youth Welfare Office in Limburg took their two children, a girl and a boy aged two and three, out of kindergarten and took them into foster care.

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