German judiciary released Islamist after anti-Semitic terrorist attack – No one knows where the synagogue attacker at this moment resides

After the terrorist attacks in Halle, people Germany-wide are discussing better protection for Jewish institutions. But the bitter truth is evident in the case of Mohamad M., who climbed over the fence of a Berlin synagogue armed with a knife on October 4. Using the words “Fuck Israel” and “Allahu Akbar”, he threatened passers-by and policemen – and today he walks around at large. Where the knifeman who is particularly dangerous for Jews lives at the moment: it is unknown! Security forces of the synagogue had to put the Syrian (23 years old) out of action with pepper spray. But: police and justice allegedly saw no reason for arrest. The next morning they released the presumably mentally ill refugee.On the advice of his roommate, Mohamad M. then admitted himself to a psychiatric ward. Now it turns out: The Syrian has left the inpatient treatment. This was reported by the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Mohamad M. is said to have been traumatised by torture in Syria and to have a drug problem.A friend of Mohamad M. tells the BILD newspaper in a different way: Only two months ago he had visited M., he had not detected or noticed anything about psychological problems.
Yesterday a reporter from thr tabloid BILD rang the bell in M.’s former flat-sharing community. A roommate expressed concern: “He no longer lives here. We don’t know where he is either.” The Syrian’s lawyer didn’t want to comment when asked.And the Berlin judiciary? Play down the incident !  On request, Chief Public Prosecutor Michael Steltner defended the decision to let Mohamad M. go. The fact that he used a knife in the terrorist attack, with which he allegedly simply ” was juggling “, was not sufficient for a longer arrest.For Josef Schuster (65 y/o), President of the Central Council of Jews, this reasoning is outrageous.
Schuster commented on the BILD newspaper: “Before the background of the perpetrator had been investigated, he was already released again and would have had all possibilities to strike again. The behaviour of the Berlin public prosecutor’s office had caused deep uncertainty among the Jewish community.Interior policy expert Christoph de Vries ( Christian Democratic Union, CDU) comments for the tabloid BILD: “The fact that Mohamad M. was released after his anti-Semitic terror attack and has now been able to vanish is a real scandal.”

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