Germany: Afghan “refugee” violently raped 18-year-old schoolgirl

In the night from last Saturday to Sunday, an 18-year-old Munich woman visited downtown Munich. Around 01:45 am she went to the Herzog-Wilhelm-Park, where she had a chat with an unknown man. After she felt thirsty and had no money, the man offered to buy her a drink at a nearby gas station. He first asked her to wait and tried to kiss her at the same time, grabbing her under the T-shirt and opening her trousers. After she disagreed with his attempts at rapprochement, the culprit suddenly punched her in the face. Then he pulled her trousers down to her knees and raped her. Because the student screamed in pain, passers-by became aware, so that the perpetrator escaped. The witnesses called the police and paramedics. The 18-year-old was taken to hospital in an ambulance.With a large police deployment (over 20 patrol cars), the suspect was searched immediately. Video recordings of the crime scene could be secured and in the further course systematic and intensified search measures were carried out in the crime scene area.Last Monday at about 02:00 p.m., the suspect (a 29-year-old Afghan) was provisionally arrested by civilian forces of police inspection 11 (Old Town) and handed over to the prison. The investigating judge issued an arrest warrant.The Police Department 15 has started investigations because of the rape.The tabloid BILD additionally reports: The Afghan is a recognized refugee and has been living in Germany since 2015. The 29-year-old is now imprisoned in Stadelheim prison.

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