Germany: Africans attack travellers with stone

Three men aged 25-28 years attacked a group of people at Wendlingen station last late Monday evening around 11:50 pm and injured three people. According to current information, there was a verbal dispute between the two groups on the platform. The trigger was apparently the shopping bags of the later injured parties, who were initially regarded as ownerless by the alleged perpetrators. In the further course of the dispute, the two Gambian citizens and the Nigerian citizen apparently beat and kicked three young men in the group. One of the alleged perpetrators is said to have used a stone as a weapon. Several alarmed patrols of the state police and a patrol of the federal police arrested the three men living in the Esslingen district temporarily. Two of the injured suffered facial lacerations as a result of the incident, the third a fracture of the nasal bone. The injured were taken to hospital by paramedics. The federal police are now investigating, among other things, on suspicion of dangerous bodily injury. Witnesses who can provide relevant information on the incident are asked by calling +49711870350.

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