Germany: Cynthia wore a headscarf for her Tunisian killer

About seven months after the deadly knife attack on Cynthia R. in Worms, the murder trial against the victim’s friend will be launched on Monday. Tunisian Ahmed T. (29 years old) is accused of murder before the Mainz Regional Court: In the night of the 6th of March 2019 the couple got into conflict.According to the court, the accused suddenly pulled a knife and stabbed the completely unsuspecting woman. She died of her injuries at the scene of the crime.Cynthia had ten to 15 stab wounds and cuts in her back, neck, lungs and hands. Ahmed T. surrendered to the police the morning after the crime and declared to have killed his girlfriend in a dispute.According to the Regional Court, Cynthia and Ahmed have had a love affair since the end of 2018. According to the court, the defendant, a rejected asylum seeker, may be suffering from a psychotic disorder. The police had known Ahmed T. for some time about assaults and drug-related offences. In addition, he had used several aliases and had since disappeared.On the first day of the trial, in addition to the reading of the indictment, questioning of several police officers is also planned. One day later, other policemen on the witness stand and people from the social environment of the alleged perpetrator will follow. Until the beginning of November, the first Grand Criminal Court has also scheduled three more days for the trial.The court has announced tighter security controls and a checkpoint will be set up in front of the courtroom.

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