Political justice in Germany: Islam-critical comprehensive school teacher on trial for “slander

A comprehensive school teacher from Herford has to answer before the district court of Bielefeld: After the suicide of a 17-year-old Muslim schoolgirl from a strict believing parental home, she had criticized in a leaflet that young Muslim women who were oppressed frequently saw no other way out but suicide. The schoolgirl’s family said that the leaflet was an insult and a “disrespectful” insinuation that the family had their own daughter on their conscience. Birgit E., who, in addition to her teaching profession, has privately fought for years on Facebook against the continuing Islamization and especially warns against the inhuman view of women in Islam, is, however, not known for the propagation of speculations or “slander” (according to the accusation of the public prosecutor’s office), but rather for serious, well-founded criticism of conditions in this country that prove sheer failure of integration. Not only classmates, but also colleagues confirm that E. was aware of the family circumstances of the dead pupil; it is possible that the child who committed suicide had previously even entrusted herself to the teacher. Nevertheless, E. had deliberately formulated her remarks in general terms and had written, among other things, “Something goes wrong in our society when a 17-year-old girl knows no other way out than to kill herself. E. himself warned of rumours and wrote that the circumstances of death must of course be investigated urgently and thoroughly. However, she adds bitterly: “Many people obviously have little interest in this. The cloak of silence is hiding it and they talk about it behind closed doors.”A criticism especially of the way her comprehensive school Friedenstal dealt with the incident.Germany consistently turns a blind eye to Islamic parallel milieus; time and again one is told and reads about schools that try to belittle or conceal incidents with Muslim parents – for example, refusals to shake hands and other disrespect for female teachers, threats during parent-teacher talks or disregard for individual pupil duties for religious reasons; under no circumstances does one want to expose oneself to accusations of Islamophobia or xenophobia. But this teacher belongs to the sober voices. The 59-year-old is involved not only in numerous initiatives critical of Islam, but also against right-wing extremism, for women’s rights and human rights. The newspaper “Westfalen-Blatt” quotes a teacher colleague of E.’s as follows: ” Her courage is admirable, but can also become dangerous. I have already warned her several times.” This warning can now be used for anyone mentioning the inappropriate problems in this country. 


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