Turkish soccer players in Germany continue to show inciting backing for Turkish occupying forces in North Syria

The Turkish national soccer players are currently horrifying the world of soccer! In the European Championship qualifiers against Albania (1:0) and France (1:1) they provoked with saluting gestures. The Union of European Football Associations is investigating.Players of the Lower Bavarian amateur team Türkspor Mainburg from the district of Kelheim (10th league) had also cheered one of their goals with a military salute on Sunday afternoon in their 4:2 win against the SG Wildenburg/Biburg.The Bavarian Football Association (BFV) commented on the incident, saying on its homepage that it “will not tolerate such inciting behaviour and that each individual case will be brought before the sports court”. It also says: “Players who misuse the game for politically motivated incitement can be guilty of discriminatory behaviour […] and face severe penalties.In addition to the BFV, the Northeast German Football Association as well as the associations from Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein threatened copycats with penalties. In Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, a similar incident had occurred over the weekend…

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