Germany: A man killed during stabbing among Afghans

In a clash between two groups of three young men each near Langensteinbach railway station, a 31-year-old man was killed and a 22-year-old injured around 8 p.m. on Monday. After the first investigations by the public prosecutor’s office and the Criminal Investigation Department in Karlsruhe, the two groups of three, six people from Afghanistan, encountered at a railway underpass on Ettlinger Street. Suddenly there were violent clashes by using knives.A 31-year-old man was so badly injured in the neck area that he died a little later on the spot despite the intervention of the paramedics. A 22-year-old companion of the victim suffered arm injuries caused by the use of a knife and had to be treated in hospital. In the meantime, the 22-year-old was able to leave the clinic. Police officers from the police stations of Ettlingen, Karlsruhe-Marktplatz and Neuenbürg arrested three suspects while searching for the suspects. While a 20-year-old was spotted in a bus on the outskirts of Langensteinbach, police patrols arrested two 18-year-old suspects in a garden shed after receiving information from the population. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe, two suspects will be brought before the magistrate on Tuesday. Meanwhile, further investigations into the ambiguous background continue.

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