Because he was wearing a cross: German is not allowed entering German disco

A 30-year-old German from Gelsenkirchen wanted to party with three friends at the Essen disco “Lucy”. But a bouncer wouldn’t let him in. Reason: The young man is a Christian, he wore a cross around his neck. “I’ve been dating there for six years and of course I know how to appear there. But I didn’t expect something like that,” the German is quoted in the media. “One of them only said that I should take off the chain with the cross, otherwise I wouldn’t get in,” he continued in the tabloid Bild. In order not to spoil the evening for his friends, the man from Gelsenkirchen even allows the doorman to put the chain under his T-shirt. “I am a Christian. If I am no longer allowed to wear a cross in my own country, then something is going badly wrong.” The management of the club answered briefly: “The decision on admittance is always a case-by-case decision of the responsible bouncer.”

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