Austria: A Syrian threatens passers-by with knives – the police had to make use of the gun

In the Vienna district of Favoriten, the police had to use the last-resort on Sunday evening. A man of Syrian origin threatened passers-by with knives in his hand. After he was not persuaded to give up and attacked the police officers violently, they made use of the gun. The incident occurred around 08:00 p.m. in the street Quellenstraße.Depending on the sources of the information, a man carried one or two knives with him and threatened passers-by when they were passing by. They called the police, horrified, and within a very short time the police had a large contingent on the scene. The man did not react cooperatively to the police’s demand and refused to disarm. As a result, pepper spray was used against him. According to the police, “a life-threatening situation” became apparent. The knife man presumably tried to attack the officers. An officer fired at least one shot at the man, who was seriously injured in the area of the pelvis and thereby stopped. The man, known to the authorities as a Syrian, was given medical care. There was no danger to his life. The exact course of events is now undergoing a routine-based investigation. The colleagues of the mainstream media have not yet published any speculations about the man’s state of mind and possible motives.

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