WATCH: German inner cities become a deployment zone – violent conflicts between Kurds and Turks in Nuremberg

Germany is increasingly becoming the stage for all world conflicts. Currently it is the results of the Turkish invasion of Northern Syria that are being brought into public space: During a Kurdish rally in Nuremberg there were riots caused by the burning of the Turkish flag.As a result, there were violent counter-reactions from national Turkish supporters of the Erdogan regime, typically predominantly young representatives of German Turks of the second and third generations born here. Most of the pro-Kurdish demonstrators, too, were not refugees from the conflict region, but persons born and raised here, also descendants of “Turks” immigrant guest workers, who had rediscovered their Kurdish identity only as a result of the ethnic persecution and discrimination of the Kurds that had started with Erdogan – and who showed solidarity with their Kurdish YPG compatriots in Northern Syria.Once again, it was the German police who had to suffer, in addition to their already extremely overstretched responsibilities in days of Islamist and right-wing terrorist acts, to moderate and keep in check the violent clashes between foreign nationalities. As “” reported yesterday, a 46-year-old Turkish “passer-by”, who observed the Kurdish protests, had tried immediately after the burning of the flag to incite a group of Turks to attack the Kurdish camp. Several police officers had to intervene by force in order to prevent a violent conflict between the two parties – partly by  coercion.The 46-year-old then resisted and punched a policeman in the face.
That’s how diverse Germany has become in the meantime: Because all possible hostile ethnicities, religious communities or political groups from unstable regions of the world are gathered in Germany as a result of mass immigration, German roads become the deployment areas for demonstrators and troublemakers – and the German police must let themselves beaten up and endangered in an attempt to maintain law and order in order to protect the native population.

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