Germany: Syrians harass women and stab a man coming to their aid

In the clash between several young men this morning in Düsseldorf’s Old Town, a 21-year-old Syrian citizen pulled out a forbidden one-hand knife and so severely injured a 22-year-old that he needed emergency medical treatment. There was no danger to his life. The suspect was arrested during the manhunt and taken into custody. According to the current investigations of the Düsseldorf police two women were approached and harassed by two young men, including the later suspect, in the area of the Burgplatz square at about 4 am.A 22-year-old acquaintance of the women intervened and was injured with a knife by the Syrian suspect in the course of the confrontation.The latter then fled the scene.  However, he was caught and taken into custody. During the investigation, the officers also found the knife. It is a so-called one-handed knife, which is prohibited by the weapons law. It was confiscated. The injured person received emergency medical care and was taken to a clinic. There was no danger to his life.

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