Germany: African insults and threatens a train attendant and spits on him

Last Tuesday, around 1:40 p.m., the federal police station in Halle was called about a fare dodger in a regional express. The man was on his way from Sandersleben to Halle main station without a valid train ticket. The 24-year-old man from Guinea-Bissau disliked the possibilities offered of paying by train or leaving the train at the next stop. He wanted to use the train but did not want to pay for it. He reluctantly went with the train attendant to the ticket vending machine on the train. However, his cash was not enough to buy a ticket. A traveller even wanted to give the 24-year-old the missing money for the ticket.However, the behavior of the fare dodger became increasingly violent. So he screamed loudly on the train, insulted the train attendant with countless offensive words, spat in his face and came threateningly close to him. Courageous passengers noticed the dispute and supported the train attendant, they positioned themselves between them and the fare dodger. At Halle central station, a patrol of the federal police station arrested the man and took him to the police station.After the police measures had been completed, he was allowed to leave the police station. The 24-year-old will now have to answer for his fare evasion, insult and assault. The train attendant then went to the doctor and is currently on sick leave.

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