Germany: Terrorists attack the synagogue in Halle with weapons of war – Explosions – Countless deaths

Halle an der Saale in Saxony-Anhalt, police are searching with a large contingent for a person who is said to have fired a machine gun around him. The police reported that several people were killed or injured. The inhabitants of Halle are asked to stay in their flats or otherwise get to safety. According to the BILD newspaper, the scene of the crime is the Paulus quarter near the synagogue.

At least two unknown perpetrators in full combat equipment fired multiple shots with submachine guns, killing two people and, according to current knowledge, injuring several people. They also detonated a hand grenade in the adjacent Jewish cemetery.As reported, the perpetrator, who was fleeing towards the city of  Leipzig, was arrested by an immediately alarmed police unit.

UPDATE 2.30 p.m.: The tabloid BILD reports that shots were fired in Landsberg ( district Saalekreis ) about 15 kilometres away. This was confirmed by a police spokeswoman in Halle. More detailed information about the incident in the town east of Halle is not yet known.

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.: The newspaper WELT was informed by security circles about the following incident: The perpetrators were tampering with the synagogue door but could not get in. They opened fire with automatic weapons on the door and window. The synagogue’s security measures withstood, otherwise a bloodbath would presumably have occurred.

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