Muslim clans increasingly infiltrate German offices and job centers

Systematic infiltration is progressing, not only the police and judiciary are affected, the Kurdish-Lebanese clans are trying to expand their influence on immigration offices, registration offices or job centres. This could also be described as a “march through the institutions” and the migrant quota paves the way, if at some point all authorities are in the hands of the clans, then one no longer needs to mention infiltration or influence. The German state is being infiltrated everywhere and the do-gooders are only now realising, if at all.

The daily newspaper Die Welt reports:

Kurdish-Lebanese clans are increasingly trying to infiltrate immigration offices, registration offices or job centres. This is reported by the newspaper “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and quoted from an interview with Oliver Huth, North Rhine-Westphalian Deputy Chief of the Federation of German Criminal Investigators (BDK).Organised crime is increasingly exerting influence on the public administration. Either bribes are paid or other benefits are given, Huth said. This applies to clans, but also to the mafia. The clans are similar to the mafia: “There are people from the offices who divulge internal information,” he said.The expert spoke out in favour of setting up special criminal chambers to deal with Clan criminality. North Rhine-Westphalia has “by far the most clan lawsuits”, he clarified.

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